What is mast climbing?

Mast climbing work platforms travel up and down a vertical mast that is located on the side of a building. The flexibility of the equipment allows maintenance, construction and other important work to be carried out, even in buildings at a great height.
Value for money gets better the taller a building is compared to the traditional scaffolding counterpart. This is because erection and dismantling times are significantly reduced during this process - in fact, most project leaders save around 80% of their time through the use of mast climbers.

As well as speed, mast climbing in Scotland has an excellent safety record. BFT is committed to the training of our staff and safety of our equipment, which is why we have invested in a brand new training centre. All projects are subject to a weekly inspection and all of our construction workers carry out an IPAF Demonstrator course during their training.

What are the benefits of mast climbers in Scotland?

Musculoskeletal problems affect around 52,000 construction workers a year. This is why safety is such a key priority.
Staff working on mast climbing projects can work in a more optimal position than tradespeople working on traditional scaffolding. This makes working conditions much easier for those working on mast climbers. If more building access projects used mast climbing over scaffolding, the savings would result in around £120million a year on account of reduced timeframes for the work.

Industry workers and the public are also protected more through mast climbing in Scotland. This is because our equipment is more fire-resistant than wooden scaffolding boards. The fact there is less equipment on site means that mast climbers provide greater security not only to construction workers, but to the people who may reside within the buildings with which work is taking place. Scaffolding can be an eye-sore for residents in high-rise buildings, whereas mast climbers allow more natural light into homes, providing a better home life for people living in these properties. All this adds up to mast climbers providing a quality building access solution for projects across Scotland.


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