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The Ultimate Guide To Mast Climbers: Download Your Copy

What form of vertical access are you using for your next construction project?

You might have heard about mast climbers, but beyond that are you aware of what exactly they are and how they can..

Are Mast Climbers Safer Than Scaffolding?

How safe is your vertical access? If you’re in the UK, then the chances are vertical access is incredibly safe and is structured around a set of parameters and guidance created..

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What Are The Safety Features of A Mast Climber?

Are mast climbers safe? 

It’s probably one of the most common questions heard when project managers and health and safety representatives are considering these platforms for..

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Mast Climbers or Scaffolding? Things You Have To Consider For Your Vertical Access Equipment

Vertical access might be easily overlooked when starting a project.

It can be easy to choose a tried and tested option, or one that you are familiar with or have easy access..

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Mast Climbers & Brick Workers: Understanding Resistance To Change

A team of BFT Mastclimbing workers recently presented an event in London hosted by the Association of Brickwork Contractors (A of BC). Given the opportunity to present mast..

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Mast Climbers: Everything You Need To Know

You’re probably reading this after searching for more information on mast climbers after realizing they are a great alternative to scaffolding.

How much do they cost? When..

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What Do Mast Climbers & Light Bulbs Have In Common?

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘we’ve done it this way for so long, why change it?’


You might have even uttered it once or twice yourself while you were..

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Mast Climbers: Giving Residents Greater Levels of Daylight

With the height of summer in full swing, you might be thinking about the extra hours you can use on your construction sites.

Longer days, in theory, mean more work can be..

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Why All Cladding Projects Need To Consider Mast Climbers

It’s likely that over the next 12-18months more and more cladding projects are going to commence. With that being the case, there’s naturally going to be high demand for..

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“There’s no way human beings should have to live like this” – The Reality of Life Behind Scaffolding

Imagine the feeling. After witnessing the apocalyptic scenes of Grenfell Tower consumed by flames, you find out that in a set of similar circumstances; your home, everything..

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