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  • Eliminate unnecessary time, costs, stress, and safety risks associated with scaffolding
  • Nationwide support for all projects with an extensive fleet of nearly 1,800 mast climbers
  • Ensure safety and reliability with a fleet boasting an average age of under 5 years and all exceeding the latest industry standards
  • Leading supplier in the UK

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What is A Mast Climber?

Mast climbers are mechanical motorised platforms attached to masts, designed to travel vertically on the outside of buildings. These highly versatile and effective alternatives to scaffolding, also known as mast climbing work platforms or MCWPs, are suitable for a wide range of construction and refurbishment projects. In fact, approximately 85% of all construction projects could benefit from the advantages offered by mast climbers. 

  • New build projects (e.g. Brickwork)  
  • Recladding projects 
  • Maintenance and repair work 
  • Round corners and curved facades 

More About Mastclimbing

Discover The Cost Savings Of Using
Mast Climbers

Where do the cost savings come from?

The estimates capture savings from reduced mast climber hiring costs, shorter construction timelines, and the lower labour required for set up.

Get a rough estimate of potential savings mast climbers can offer compared to scaffolding in just 10 seconds. Simply provide us with some basic information below:

Watch this video to learn more about the transformative impact mast climbers can have on your project beyond mere cost savings

About Us

BFT in numbers

Over £30 million

Invested since 2015

1.5 years

our average machine age, making ours the youngest fleet in the UK


National Distribution centres

In excess 1,600

Mastclimbing work platforms

Over 20

years experience

Case Studies

See why the most demanding clients choose BFT

Customer: Torsion Group
Project name & location: Arden Gate, Birmingham, England
Project value: £27.5m (estimated)
Building height: Varies 5-8 floors

The scheme in Birmingham comprises of a..

Customer:  Ardmore 
Project name & location: Wales Farm Road
Project value: £110m (estimated) 
Building height: Varies 9-31 floors

The Wales Farm Road project involved the construction of..

Customer: Sir Robert McAlpine
Project name & location: Exchange Square, Birmingham, England
Project value: £100m (estimated)
Building height: Varies 7-26 floors

The Exchange Square..

Customer: Blenheim House Construction
Project name & location: Kings Court, Woking, England
Project value: £19m (estimated)
Building height: 8 floors

The scheme at Kings Court involved the..

Customer: Walsin Facades
Project name & location: Hilton T2 Hotel, Heathrow, England
Project value: £7.5m (estimated)
Building height: 8 floors

The Heathrow project was comprised of the..

Customer: Group Legendre
Project name & location: Parker Tower, London, England
Project value: £25m (estimated)
Building height: 18 floors

Parker Tower included a refurbishment and extension..

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About Us

Why is Mastclimbing so Efficient?

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More Productive

Mast Climber's are installed and dismantled 80% faster than scaffolding . They carry more people, more load and are easily ajdusted onsite.

Orange graph outline plotting increase.

More Cost Effective

Budgets go further with Mast Climbers. The average project comes in 5x cheaper than working with scaffolding.

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More Responsive

An experienced and technically trained BFT support team is always on hard to reduce hold-ups and smooth out logistical speed bumps


Mast Climbing Work Platforms Knowledge and Resource Hub


In our most recent interview, we had the privilege of speaking with Martin Kersse, widely recognised as Oz in the bricklaying industry virtually, who has shared with us invaluable insights into the challenges faced by bricklayers when using scaffolding and the advantages of..


Some companies continue to grapple with persistent resistance when it comes to shifting away from the conventional use of scaffolding to adopting mast climbers, despite the evident advantages offered by Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs).



The question that..


Mast climbers or MCWPs are a type of powered access vehicle for vertical access in construction sites. To ensure optimal use for workers’ safety, proper training is required.


Mast climbers are suited to 85% of construction projects (brickwork included), and it’s..


As the construction industry evolves, the call for access solutions that offer improved efficiency and safety is getting stronger. Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs) have seen a growth in popularity within the industry as they offer revolutionising benefits to construction..


The IPAF Global Safety Report for 2023 has given us valuable insights into the trends and data related to the use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs), and hoists in various industries. The report highlights key points regarding..


BFT has been in a charity partnership with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity since 2022. 


The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is the only one in our trade that gives emotional, physical, and financial support to construction workers and their..

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