3 Key Benefits of Mast Climbers as the alternative to Scaffolding for High-Rise Construction

Mast climbers offer a range of safety advantages that overcome the limitations of traditional scaffolding. Read on to discover 3 of the benefits they hold over Scaffolding.

When it comes to high-rise construction, the safety of workers and the efficiency of the project is something you can’t afford to overlook. Traditional scaffolding, despite its long-standing use, comes with avoidable limitations and risks.

That’s where MCWPs step in as a game-changing alternative.

The benefits of choosing MCWPs over scaffolding for high-rise construction are impressive:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved productivity
  • Cost-effectiveness

Safety Advantages of Mast Climbers

Traditional scaffolding in high-rise construction poses significant risks, especially falls from heights and scaffold collapses due to improper assembly or unstable ground. The time-consuming process of scaffolding installation also poses additional risks to worker safety, as the extended duration of work increases the likelihood of human error, material fatigue, and other factors that can compromise worker safety. The longer scaffolding is up, the longer work is happening; the longer work is happening, the higher propensity for risk.

Mast climbing work platforms offer a range of safety advantages that overcome the limitations of traditional scaffolding. MCWPs offer secure working areas with guardrails, which can significantly reduce the chances of accidental falls. With enhanced stability and superior load-bearing capacity, they minimise the risk of collapses or instability during construction. The integrated safety mechanisms and emergency stop systems in mast climbers also allow for quick responses to potential hazards, ensuring worker safety. In addition, mast climbers provide a significant fire safety advantage as scaffolding typically involves wrapping the building in flammable sheeting or wooden boards. In taller buildings, the amount of sheeting needed for scaffolding can be substantial, further increasing the risk of fuelling the flames. In contrast, mast climbers do not require any additional sheeting or any flammable components, reducing the risk of fire.

Consider the fire incident at the Sydney CBD high-rise construction site as an example. Footage reveals the rapid ascent of flames up the 11-storey building, reminiscent of the tragic Grenfell Tower incident. If alternatives like mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs) had been used instead, the fire’s spread would have been significantly hindered due to the absence of flammable materials.

Efficiency and Productivity

Traditional scaffolding is time-consuming to erect and dismantle, requiring significant manual labour and coordination. This process often leads to project delays. Furthermore, scaffolding must be adjusted and repositioned as construction progresses, further extending the installation and removal time. MCWPs offer a more efficient approach to high-rise construction, as they eliminate the need for extensive scaffolding erection and dismantling, saving valuable time.

These platforms can be swiftly installed at the desired height, expediting the construction process and enabling workers to commence their tasks promptly. Medium to high-rise projects can expect substantial savings of around 40% compared to traditional scaffolding. Mast climbers also improve efficiency and productivity by enabling simultaneous work on multiple floors, reducing downtime, and maximising the use of labour resources. A key advantage of mast climbing work platforms is their ability to adjust the platform height and move along the building facade.

Unlike traditional scaffolding, which requires manual repositioning, these platforms can be easily elevated or lowered simply with the push of a button. Such flexibility enables efficient access to different heights, saving time on scaffolding adaptations.

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