Exchange Square, Sir Robert McAlpine

Customer: Sir Robert McAlpine
Location: Exchange Square, Birmingham, England
Project value: £100m (estimated)
Project value: Varies 7-26 floors

The Exchange Square development featured 603 luxury apartments at the heart of central Birmingham. Mast climbing proved to be the intelligent choice for this new build, offering unparalleled advantages.

The flexibility of mast climbers allowed the construction team to adjust the platforms to the optimal working height for bricklaying, ensuring tradesmen could work comfortably and efficiently without any delays. Unlike scaffolding, which has fixed levels, mast climbers eliminated the need for workers to stretch, stoop, and bend as the brickwork progressed up the facade.

This feature significantly reduced the risk of strain and injury, making mast climbers the ideal vertical access solution for the bricklaying trade. At its peak, BFT deployed an impressive fleet of 37 BFT 120 drive units across 19 positions on-site, giving access to the site in the same model of the machine throughout the project.

Machines used on this project:

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