Proud to set the industry standards

Our training and safety standards are so high they’re now the benchmark for the entire MCWP industry. Add to that our renowned, rigorous fleet testing and it’s easy to see why BFT is the byword for stringent quality.

The very definition of Health & Safety

We lead the MCWP industry by example. Take the sector’s Code of Practice. We’re actively involved in creating this essential guidance for the installation, maintenance, testing and safe use of MCWPs. That means you’re always guaranteed the highest quality machines, checked to BFT’s demanding standards.

Training the trainers

Not only are we an official International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) training centre, but the official IPAF course in MCWP is devised by our own Head of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, Steve McEwan. As well as creating the MCWP course, Steve regularly trains IPAF instructors around the world.

We are proud to offer robust training for all levels of MCWP experience, ranging from first-time operators through to advanced instructors.

About Us

BFT in numbers

In excess £30 million

Invested since 2015

1.5 years

our average machine age, making ours the youngest fleet in the UK


National Distribution centres

In excess 1,600

Mastclimbing work platforms

Over 20

years experience

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