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The best never stop learning. That’s why we opened The BFT Academy. Having our very own training programme is just part of our commitment to raising our skills and safety to the highest possible levels.

The BFT Academy has two jobs to do:

  • To train all BFT personnel to our exacting standards

  • To constantly improve the quality of all BFT operative.

This commitment to safety and quality standards means all our operatives take 2-3 days of refresher training every 6 months. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been with us 3 months for 15 years; everyone at BFT takes and benefits from this on-going training.

All BFT Academy training is tailored to specific job roles and includes a carefully devised combination of practical, theoretical and administrative learning.

About Us

BFT in numbers

Over £30 million

Invested since 2015

1.5 years

our average machine age, making ours the youngest fleet in the UK


National Distribution centres

In excess 1,600

Mastclimbing work platforms

Over 20

years experience

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