What is mast climbing?

A mast climbing work platform is one that travels up and down a vertical mast on the side of a building so that construction and maintenance work can take place. It is a lot more flexible than traditional scaffolding as it can be tailored to your specific building needs, and the value for money just gets better and better the taller a building is. They can be built and taken down in a much quicker timeframe than scaffolding (around 80% quicker) and they are an extremely safe method of working at a great height.

a bft technician inspecting mast climbing equipment

What are the benefits of mast climbers in UK?

Safety is one of the key benefits of using mast climbers in the UK. There are around 52,000 construction workers affected every year from musculoskeletal problems. Workers on mast climbing projects can carry out their tasks in normal positions for the body, easing the strain compared to traditional scaffolding methods. Value for money is another important facet. Because mast climbing equipment is easier to set up and take down, around £120million a year would be saved in the construction industry if access was used through a mast climber rather than scaffolding.

Another cost-saving measure that comes into effect with mast climbing is that it is more secure and fire-resistant than scaffolding, providing greater protection to industry workers and the public. Scaffolding can also be an eyesore, especially for people living in high-rise buildings, whereas mast climbing is much more aesthetically pleasing.

a BFT mast climber 150

Our Offices

We work on projects all over the UK and we are passionate about putting forward the fantastic benefits mast climbing enjoys over its alternatives in terms of safety, value for money and other metrics. Our head office is based in Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire but we also have a northern office in Swinton near Salford and a southern office at the Crossways Business Park close to Dartford in Kent. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable in all things mast climbing so feel free to tap into our expertise on the subject. When it comes to delivering your MCWP, our fleet management department is on hand to guide you so that the equipment is safely transported and installed at your site. With over 1,600 mast climbing work platforms for you to choose from, we know we have the flexibility to match and exceed the expectations of your project.

To find out more about mast climbing in the UK and why it will benefit your construction or maintenance project, get in touch with us today and we would be happy to help.