How mastclimbing
can be used


How mastclimbing can be used

Any material. Any surface. Any project. BFT mastclimbers are so adaptable we can configure a solution for any industrial construction, renovation or maintenance project.

Then there’s flexibility of height. Bespoke configuration to your individual site means you can work at multiple heights at once when you work with BFT, either with single or twin masts.

Recently complemented by significant investment in various types of hoist platforms, the BFT fleet is impressively vast. We offer solutions from low-level (under 25m) projects up to 250m tall high-rises. And heavy materials our never an issue with BFT; our MCWPs can carry up to 5 tonnes.

Yet to be convinced? Take a look at our case studies and see how BFT solutions have worked for the most demanding clients and projects. Then get in touch and discover what BFT can do for you.

Our MastClimbers

BFT Mastclimbers


BFT90 Mini-climber
- Light Duty


BFT120 Mastclimber
- Medium Duty


BFT130 Mastclimber


BFT150 Mastclimber
- Heavy Duty

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