Why mastclimbing?

Learn why using Mast climbers can help save your business money.


Projects Are Faster With A Mast Climber

Every year, mast climbers save businesses thousands of project hours compared to traditional scaffolding.

And that extra efficiency translates to big savings – up to 30-40% – on your bottom line.

Efficiency in practice

Take two identical blocks of flats, measuring 21m x 10m on plan. Both are 40m high and require window replacement and concrete repair.

Block A is accessed by BFT mastclimbing platforms while Block B is accessed via traditional scaffolding.

Block A – with BFT
Block B – with scaffolding
Time to erect and dismantle access to all elevations
12 days / 2.4 weeks
75 days / 15 weeks

5 days = 1 working week

To put this in context, BFT could provide fully functioning MCWP’s for 7 tower blocks in the same time that it would take traditional scaffolding to complete just 1 tower block.

For more proof of how BFT can save your project thousands of hours, look at our recent case studies.

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