The importance of training

BFT carries out MCWP construction works at a variety of sites across the UK. We have recently invested £250,000 in a training centre to highlight why we are industry leaders when it comes to MCWP construction in the UK.

With 1200 square metres of a warehouse at one of our bases in Leighton Buzzard converted into a workshop and classroom space for our operators and demonstrators, the health and safety of our MCWPs is paramount to construction projects going ahead safely and on time. 

Our health and safety protocols are rigorous. This is why we are actively involved in creating health and safety guidance for maintaining, installing, testing and using MCWPs.

We have invested over £30million into mast climbing equipment since 2015. At an average of just 1.5 years, our fleet is also among the youngest in the country, giving you the most up to date equipment for your project.

Health and safety

As well as creating guidelines and codes of conduct for our operators to follow, we are especially interested in ensuring that our workers do not suffer musculoskeletal problems throughout the course of their employment with us. 

Every year, around 52,000 construction workers are affected by musculoskeletal issues. With scaffolding, workers need to operate in unusual body positions, stooping at times to carry out their role. Mast climbing allows workers to operate in their optimal body position, reducing the strain and allowing them to carry out their work as normal. This is a key contribution as to why MCWP construction should be adopted over scaffolding in the construction industry.

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BFT are proud of our industry-leading status when it comes to MCWP construction in the UK. 
From building maintenance to cladding removal and a lot more in between, MCWP construction projects are available for project leaders and companies across the UK.

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