We own all of our equipment and have the youngest and largest fleet of MCWPs in the country. Our staff are fully trained in the latest IPAF-accredited courses to ensure that their knowledge of MCWP design is at its best in terms of health and safety, ease of use and much more.

With over 2000 mast climbers across the country, we are capable of supporting hundreds of different projects at any one time.
Types of our machinery includes:

  • BFT 90 - For lighter projects and hard-to-access buildings
  • BFT 120 - For medium duty  
  • BFT 130 - For medium to heavy duty projects
  • BFT 150 - For heavy duty projects including brickwork

The BFT 90 can be very quickly and easily set up, and it is particularly useful for ‘small works’ construction projects. Examples of where it can be used include window replacements, soffits, fascias and low level flat refurbishments. The maximum height is 90m and it can lift up to 2,100kg on a twin mast.

The BFT 120 is suited to middle-weight tasks. This is the most versatile specification in our fleet and has a platform width that can go out to 3.2m. It can reach up to 120 metres and has a maximum lift capacity of 4,000kg.

The BFT 130 combines the versatility of the BFT 120 with the capacity to carry heavy loads that larger models are capable of. Carrying a maximum of 4,550kg with a twin mast, it can reach working heights of 250 metres, making it an ideal choice if your project feels like it falls in the gap between a medium and larger job.

The BFT 150 is purpose built for demanding projects, operates at up to 250 metres and can carry as much as 5,000kg of weight on a twin mast. We recommend this machine for the tallest buildings and you will find its cost effectiveness as remarkable as its safety.

BFT Mast Climbing also offers a range of MCWP design bespoke options, demonstrating the flexibility of our equipment.
This includes:

  • Deck extensions
  • Double stacked machines
  • Extended frame netting
  • Roof canopy systems
  • Monorails
  • Roll out decks
  • Internal and end access gates
  • Inclined machines
  • Bespoke platform decks

No project is too big or small, too simple or complicated. Our MCWP design is flexible in order to fulfil your requirements.
BFT machines always comply with any work at height regulations, as well as manual handling and the most recent health and safety regulations. We are ready to deploy from either of our two national distribution centres in Manchester and Bedfordshire, giving us great access to any project up and down the UK.

If you want to work with BFT on any construction and building facade project that are large, small or somewhere in between, get in touch with us today. You can email BFTsales@bftmastclimbing.com or phone 0808 178 9772.