BFT 90

The BFT 90 is ideal for smaller construction projects such as window replacements at height, as well as low level flat refurbishment. Here are its specifications:

Maximum height: 90m
Total platform length: 1.9m - 6.8m (single mast), 6.2m - 22.6m (twin mast)
Maximum platform width: 0.8m - 1.8m
Tie (anchor distance) - Every six metres
Travel speed: 7 metres per minute
Lifting capacity: 400kg - 1000kg (single mast), 800kg - 2100kg (twin mast)

BFT 120

This versatile machine is best for mid-range projects where flexibility is important, especially if the physical site provides any awkwardness. Specifications include: 

Maximum height: 120m
Total platform length: 2m - 8m (single mast), 10m - 32.1m (twin mast)
Maximum platform width: 1.2m - 3.2m
Tie (anchor distance) - Every six metres
Travel speed: 7.5 metres per minute
Lifting capacity: 1100kg - 1800kg (single mast), 1700kg - 4000kg (twin mast)

BFT 130

Combining the versatility of the BFT 120 with the performance of heavier duties that the BFT 150 can bring, the BFT 130 is an essential part of our machinery inventory that is capable of an array of projects.
Specifications for the BFT 130 are:

Maximum height: 200m
Total platform length: 2m-13.6m (single mast), 12.5m - 35.8m (twin mast)
Maximum platform width: 1.3m - 3.9m
Tie (anchor distance): Every 9 to 12 metres
Travel speed: 9 metres per minute
Lifting capacity: 850kg - 2300kg (single mast), 1700kg - 4550kg (twin mast)

BFT 150

For the highest levels of access, the BFT 150 is here for you. This MCWP is extremely tough and very cost effective given the heights that this machinery works at, with capabilities to handle heavy weight as well.
Here are the MCWP specifications details: 

Maximum height: 250m
Total platform length: 3.2m - 13.6m (single mast), 13.8m - 37.8m (twin mast)
Maximum platform width: 1.5m - 4.1m
Tie (anchor distance): Every 9 metres
Travel speed: 10 metres per minute
Lifting capacity: 1200kg - 2700kg (single mast), 2300kg - 5000kg (twin mast)

As well as the MCWP specifications you can see above, BFT Mastclimbing is capable of bespoke solutions to suit the individual needs of your project. 

From deck extensions and double stacked machines to inclined machines, roll out decks and dozens more options, our MCWP specifications can be adapted to match what you need.

For more information on our MCWP specifications or to get in touch, email or phone 0808 178 9772.