Our Courses

All our staff are IPAF Operator and Demonstrator trained, with training delivered from IPAF-accredited Instructors. We carry out strict tests for every one of our operators so that we provide the highest standards during our MCWP training to our important customers. 

Around 90% of callouts are usually down to operator error. By providing the finest quality training to our passionate and dedicated staff, we can minimise the number of callouts we attend, providing quicker timescales to complete projects.
Our certified industry training includes:

  • IPAF Installer Training
  • IPAF Advanced Installer Training
  • IPAF Demonstrator Training
  • IPAF Operator Training

At the end of our MCWP training courses, operators should be able to operate an MCWP safely and be aware of emergency protocols and systems.

At the end of the course, BFT inspectors will be able to regularly check our equipment on-site and at our headquarters to ensure the safety of our equipment.

An operator will also be able to assess ground conditions at any site so that the MCWP base can be set up correctly and safely.
And the operator will be up to date with the most recent health and safety legislation including standards, guidance and codes to design, supply, use and manage MCWPs.

BFT is already responsible for organising the largest number of MCWP training courses in the country. We are committed to providing the best quality training to all our staff to ensure that we retain and build on our status as an industry leader in mast climbing solutions for gaining access to buildings.

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Our range of equipment is capable of performing construction access tasks for your building. Our fleet is varied in order to perform the tasks you need us to. If your building needs improvement, maintenance or any other works at a great height, BFT is the organisation you need to speak with.

To find out more, call us on 0808 178 9772 or email mcwp@bftmastclimbing.com to book our services.