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BFT Mastclimbing - Review of 2021

There is no doubt that 2021 will live long in the memory. It has obviously been a challenging year for many with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and shortages of fuel and lorry drivers making the..

‘Reasons to Change’ - why the construction industry shouldn’t carry on as normal

people that say this are usually the same people that don’t want anything to change. The construction industry is a great example of things carrying on as normal, with a lack of..

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What is an MCWP?

A work platform travels up and down the mast and it is controlled so that materials and personnel are transported to the required level. When not in use, an MCWP can be securely..

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Why is mast climbing better than scaffolding at reducing the risk of fire on construction sites?

Every year there are dozens of fires on construction sites. They are always unfortunate occurrences and there are multiple reasons why a fire may occur. While the construction..

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Can mast climbers really reduce the cost of construction crime?

Every year, around £800million worth of construction crime takes place across the UK.
Theft, vandalism and health and safety neglect are the usual reasons why this sort of..

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What advantages do MCWPs have over scaffolding for residents?

The world is a busy place. The pressures of work, relationships and more means that you need a place where you can switch off. In this most private of areas, you should be able..

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BFT to unveil state-of-the-art £500,000 training centre & servicing workshop

BFT is proud to announce a new £500,000 training centre that will provide unrivalled, state-of-the-art training for our staff.
We are converting 1200 metres squared of our..

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A day in the life of a BFT installer...

BFT is proud of the work that we carry out for construction projects across the UK.
With half a million pounds invested in our training facility and millions more in our..

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How do mast climbing and scaffolding prices compare?

When comparing mast climbing with scaffolding, price is one of the most obvious factors to consider. 

This is why BFT would like to give you an example of a project we have..

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Why the Mastclimbing square peg creates more value in the scaffolding round hole

When forming any initial ideas, it’s always easy to go along with what you know, even if that decision turns out to be the wrong one or it costs more money in the long term.Read full article

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