BFT Mastclimbing are proud to be industry leaders in mast climbing - an alternative way of accessing high-rise buildings compared with outdated scaffolding methods.
We provide an array of top quality Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs) that exceed expectations for projects up and down the country.
But with a fleet of 1,800 MCWPs to choose from, how do you know which is best for your project?
To help make things easier for you, we’ve taken our lightest and heaviest duty machines and compared them for you.
That way, when you’re procuring for your project, you can figure out the machine that best suits your requirements.

What are the advantages of the BFT90?

The BFT90 is a lightweight MCWP that can fit where others cannot. It can be easily transportable by van or lorry because of its compact nature and is ideal for low level flat refurbishments, window replacements and other projects that require access up to 90 metres high. 
Its small size and speed of erection cuts project lead times as it can be installed quickly with a minimum of fuss. This is particularly true when you compare assembly and deconstruction of scaffolding for similar projects.

What are the advantages of the BFT150?

The heavy duty BFT150 can lift up to five tonnes on a twin mast configuration and has been developed for the most demanding projects across the UK. It has a very large deck area, which provides an increased amount of workspace, and the versatility of the telescopic extensions give great reach when it comes to accessing recessed areas.
It has a maximum height of 250 metres, which makes it the perfect alternative to scaffolding to access the tallest buildings.

So, which MCWP should you choose?

There is a very simple answer to this - both! And more!
At BFT Mastclimbing, you don’t need to choose just one piece of machinery for one project. When you procure mast climbers, there are different types of machines that are suitable for different tasks within the same project. Indeed, we are the only company that can offer four different types of MCWP for your project. We also provide greater flexibility than anyone else in the marketplace so we are your one-stop shop for quality mastclimbing solutions. 
We provide a bespoke package for your project so that you can benefit from the advantages of smaller machines such as the BFT90, alongside the heavy lifting benefits that come about through the BFT150. 
Furthermore, the BFT90 and BFT150 are just the models at either end of the scale - our BFT120 and BFT130 models fit requirements that fall between those outer brackets.
With every project, there is likely to be an element of light and heavy lifting. So if you want us to come up with a bespoke plan that makes the most out of all our MCWPs, click here to fill out the basic details about your project.
Alternatively, come and see them for yourself! We love inviting visitors to our health and safety centre so book an appointment today and you can see the BFT90 and BFT150 up close and personal. All you need to do is contact