Mast climbers or MCWPs are a type of powered access vehicle for vertical access in construction sites. To ensure optimal use for workers’ safety, proper training is required.


Mast climbers are suited to 85% of construction projects (brickwork included), and it’s getting more important to have well-trained mast climber operators on the job site as these platforms become increasingly popular in the industry.


Continue reading and find out more about the essential MCWP training requirements for bricklayers and mast climbers operatives.

Is MCWP Training Necessary?


Operating a Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) requires a minimum of two individuals on each platform, and one of them to be a trained operator possessing an IPAF license.


All trained operators working from an MCWP should as a minimum be familiarised with a demonstrator, to enable emergency lowering and rescue. Only operators familiarised with specific aspects of the MCWP should be allowed to operate it.


An MCWP training ensures that the operator is well-versed in best practices, safety procedures, and emergency protocols to enhance operational proficiency and safety on-site.


Should Passengers On An MCWP Be Trained To Operate The Platform?


It is not necessary that passengers are trained to operate the Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP), but at least one trained and familiarised operators should be on the MCWP at any one time.


IPAF training And License

IPAF training is training in the safe operation of powered access vehicles and working platforms.


The IPAF licence is granted by the International Powered Access Federation upon completion of a certified IPAF training course delivered by an IPAF member. Once you’ve successfully completed the certified training course, you’ll receive your IPAF licence or an IPAF certificate enabling you to work with powered access vehicles.


However, it’s important to remember:


License Renewal


IPAF licenses expire after five years, so you’ll need to refresh your skills and retake the training. With the inherent health and safety risks involved in using powered access vehicles, it’s important operators are up to date with the latest in best practice procedures before getting behind the controls of the mast climbers.


To prevent disruptions that keep your operatives from using the equipment, it’s important to arrange for the renewal of IPAF training and certification before the existing license expires.


Minimum Age Requirement


Similar to a driver's license, individuals must be at least 16 years old to obtain an IPAF license. Unlike some licenses, there is no maximum age limit. The key is to remember to renew it before it lapses, regardless of your age.