When comparing mast climbing with scaffolding, price is one of the most obvious factors to consider. 

This is why BFT would like to give you an example of a project we have recently worked on in London that involved work on three towers.
Like a lot of companies in the construction sector, the project leaders initially went down the scaffolding avenue. Scaffolding for the project ended up costing just over half a million pounds. Through the use of mast climbers, there would have been a minimum save of 40% of these costs and if we had been engaged earlier in the process, there could have been even more savings. 
As well as the actual sum of money that can be saved, other more intangible benefits can be enjoyed. For example, mast climbers can deliver even more value for money through significantly reduced install and dismantle times. For a building with 12 to 14 storeys, mast climbing assembly and disassembly takes a total of four days. For scaffolding, this takes 30 days. With 26 more days available to conduct important construction project work, the old adage ‘time is money’ has never been truer. 
Utilising this theory of a shortened total programme time, the contractor should be able to reduce the site preliminary costs down by approximately the same amount of weeks. This saves a significant further amount of money as a direct result of choosing mast climbers to provide access to the project.

What can we conclude?

Mastclimbers may not be suitable for every job but it is estimated that 85% of all construction jobs could use mast climbers, thus providing the above benefits. 
For the jobs when mast climbers are used, the contractor should expect significant savings with a direct correlation between the height of the building and the size of the savings. You start to really see the benefits of mast climbers from 5 storeys and above and the savings and efficiencies grow from there.
It is also important to note that mast climbers are not here to replace scaffolding and indeed in many instances the two work best together. For example, a mast climber can sit on top of a load bearing scaffold gantry to enable pedestrian access to the block.
For clients of projects – why are mast climbers not suitable for your projects? They have an excellent safety record and deliver great value for money.
For contractors – please reach out to us so we can help deliver these savings for your next projects.
If you would like further details from our London tower block survey then please reach out to me. We would gladly provide you a copy of the case study or we can provide you with a quote to see if you want to use BFT as a viable alternative to scaffolding.
We can also compare our prices to your own scaffolding quote and you can realise how much money you will save through using BFT's mast climbers.