Let's start with a brief history of MCWPs...

Mast climbing work platforms have become increasingly popular in the construction industry as a versatile and efficient alternative to scaffolding. MCWPs are adjustable platforms that can be raised or lowered to position workers at the optimum location for performing work quickly and precisely.  

The use of MCWPs can be dated back to the 1960s in Europe and the 1980s in the U.S

Mast climbers have a long history of successful adoption across the globe, with Sweden being a prime example. As early as 1995, MCWPs accounted for 25% of the national annual scaffold budget in Sweden

With decades of proven track record of being a successful and effective access solution option, MCWPs have gained popularity in the construction industry due to their many advantages over traditional scaffolding.  


MCWPs In The Construction Industry 

For contractors and construction companies, MCWPs offer an effective solution for optimising productivity while keeping cost minimum. The efficient completion of tasks translates to faster project delivery and lower labour costs. 

MCWPs also require less space than scaffolding, enabling more economical use of space on construction sites.  



Commercial Advantages Of MCWPs: Higher Productivity In Less Time With Lower Risk 

One of the most significant advantages of MCWPs over traditional scaffolding is their ability to increase productivity on construction sites. Work productivity can be easily improved by a third with an MCWP, and two people working on the platform can achieve similar results as four workers working on traditional scaffolding.  

According to a survey conducted with 42 contractors who use mast climbers, roughly 70% cited increased productivity as the greatest advantage of this equipment, and over 60% said that MCWPs save time compared to scaffolding.  

MCWPs are quicker to erect and dismantle than traditional scaffolding, which saves significant project time, and companies can be sure that all the workers’ time on the construction site is wisely spent on getting the job done. 

In addition to time savings, MCWPs are also viewed as safer than other types of scaffolding, with over 50% of respondents in the survey citing this as an advantage. Mast climbers offer greater stability and greater ergonomics, with workers able to adjust the platform to a comfortable working height, reducing the risk of strain and injury. 

These improvements in safety and ergonomics have facilitated increases in quality, productivity, and profit, making MCWPs a valuable asset to the construction industry. 


Considerations For Using MCWPs 

Planning And Logistics 

Using MCWPs in construction projects can be highly beneficial, but it requires careful planning and coordination. It's essential to work with a trusted and reliable provider who has the experience and expertise to develop a suitable plan tailored to your project's needs. Proper installation, maintenance, and dismantling of MCWPs are crucial for ensuring worker safety and avoiding delays. 

To successfully plan and execute your project with mast climbers, project managers must consider various factors, including weight and height restrictions, power requirements, and so on. An experienced MCWP expert can help guide you through these considerations and ensure that your project is set up for success.