BFT Mastclimbing is a byword for excellence and attention to detail. Our consistency in delivering quality work for construction projects up and down the UK has catapulted us to becoming industry leaders in the field of MCWPs and mast climbing. 

Nobody encapsulates our high standards more than Kenny, who you can see in the picture. 
He has been working for BFT for the last few months. He came to us from a scaffold background and his role is to check every fitting, ensuring it is cleaned and in good working order so that when it is sent on a job, it performs its function without any delays.
His job is literally to service every single coupling that comes back from a project. For some this may sound tedious but that is far from the case with Kenny. His passion, care and attention to detail is genuinely inspiring and the great pride he takes in his job is something we can all learn from. 
The devil is in the detail and this saying has never been truer. 
His role links into every one of the values here at BFT:
               Safety – Ensuring that every part is maintained and fit for purpose
               Efficiency – no time delays created by having the wrong or broken parts on the job. This enables our install teams to work to their maximum capacity,
               Value – Linked to the above. We know we are going to deliver the best service, on time due to ensuring every little detail like this is thought about.
Looking after the smaller details enables the bigger project to be able to carry on successfully.
What is mastclimbing?
Kenny’s vital work allows BFT Mastclimbing to carry out important work at height on buildings, which includes cladding, maintenance and other construction projects. 
Mast climbing provides a viable alternative to traditional scaffolding by using mast climbers to gain access to high rise buildings.
Our form of accessing a building facade through MCWPs provides greater value for money the taller a building is. It provides greater value for money than scaffolding and has better environmental impacts on noise and visual pollution.
Mast climbing equipment can be constructed and taken down in just four days, compared with 30 days for the scaffolding equivalent. 
Our staff are also able to work in a more optimal position, rather than having to bend down and work in unusual bodily positions, which is what is required from scaffolding. 
Learn more about BFT Mastclimbing 
We invite people to ask questions and fully understand the processes behind the scenes that go into preparing and ensuring that your BFT Mastclimber is the best machine on the market that will help add value to your projects.
We work across the UK, with our two main offices in Manchester and Leighton Buzzard.
If you want to learn more about why BFT Mastclimbing beats all the competition with our MCWPs, for detailed case studies on our projects or to explore why you should use us for your next construction project, call us on 0808 178 9772 or email us at