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Take a deep dive into the world of Mast climbers and scaffolding to learn more on how it works and answers to questions you may have.

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What form of vertical access are you using for your next construction project?You might have heard about mast climbers, but beyond that are you aware of what exactly they are and how they can be hugely beneficial to your construction project and all of those affected by it?

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A day in the life of a BFT installer…

Innovation in Construction: The Risk & Reward of Switching To Mast Climbers

Mast Climber Safety With BFT Mastclimbing

Requirements of a Good Mast Climber Safety Check

The Advantages of Mast Climber as an alternative to scaffolding

Meet John Mcllroy – Our Fabrication Manager in BFT

Mast Climbers & Brickworkers: Understanding Resistance To Change

VIDEO: Everything you need to know about mast climbing and MCWPs

Interviewing Martin Kersse: Mast Climbers Insights From A Bricklaying Expert


From Resistance to Acceptance: Unravelling the Journey of Mast climbers in the Construction Industry

Double Stacked Mast Climbers: The Solution for High Rise Construction

Health & Safety: MCWP Training for Bricklayers

The Power of Mast Climbers’ Height Adjustability for Bricklayers

Advantages of Mast Climbers vs. Traditional Scaffolding for Bricklayers

Mast Climber Vs Scaffolding: What Are The Differences?

How Much Does A Mast Climber Cost?

How Can A Mast Climber Can Save You Money?

What advantages do MCWPs have over scaffolding for residents?


Key Insights from the IPAF Global Safety Report 2023

Lighthouse Club: Mental Wellbeing in Construction

Faster, Safer and Cheaper than Scaffolding: NEW Mast Climber CPD Available

“2022: A Year in Review” a Message from BFT Mastclimbing CEO Andy Perry

Mast Climber Cost Saving Calculator: Try It Now

BFT Mastclimbing – Review of 2021

BFT150 to support the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

What new mast climbing machines have arrived at BFT Mastclimbing?

BFT to unveil state-of-the-art £500,000 training centre & servicing workshop

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