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The Ultimate Guide To Mast Climbers: Download Your Copy

What form of vertical access are you using for your next construction project?

You might have heard about mast climbers, but beyond that are you aware of what exactly they are and how they can..

Can Mast Climbers Really Reduce The Cost of Construction Crime?

Every year, around £800million worth of construction crime takes place across the UK.

Theft, vandalism and health and safety neglect are the usual reasons why this sort of..

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What is an MCWP?

A work platform travels up and down the mast and it is controlled so that materials and personnel are transported to the required level. When not in use, an MCWP can be securely..

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BFT Mastclimbing - Review of 2021

There is no doubt that 2021 will live long in the memory. It has obviously been a challenging year for many with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and shortages of fuel and lorry..

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BFT90 Vs BFT150 - Which MCWP should you choose?

BFT Mastclimbing are proud to be industry leaders in mast climbing - an alternative way of accessing high-rise buildings compared with outdated scaffolding methods.
We provide..

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BFT150 to support the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

Following on from a charity partnership where we turned our BFT130s pink for Breast Cancer Care, we have now entered into a charity partnership with the Lighthouse Construction..

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BFT - How a scaffolding company transformed into providing top quality mast climbing solutions

“If you want to look at the future, look at the past.” This famous quote from Albert Einstein still rings true for people and businesses the world over. With the coronavirus..

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What new mast climbing machines have arrived at BFT Mastclimbing?

BFT Mastclimbing has recently taken delivery of a further 28 brand new BFT120 Mastclimbing machines.
These new machines are all part of our efforts to continue to renew our..

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Why mast climbing needs a fairer fight when it comes to winning traditional scaffolding tenders

How do you run a tender when you are not asking for the best solution? Asking for scaffolding on high-rise buildings without providing an option for mast climbing is just..Read full article

Meet Kenny: The personification of BFT Mastclimbing’s attention to detail

BFT Mastclimbing is a byword for excellence and attention to detail. Our consistency in delivering quality work for construction projects up and down the UK has catapulted us to..

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