BFT120 Mastclimber

Medium Duty

Easily the most versatile in our fleet, the BFT120 Mastclimber is regularly used for light, medium and heavy-duty applications. It operates at up to 120m and when configured as a twin-mast, carries loads of up to 3,500kg.

Single-mast? Twin? The BFT120 Mastclimber can be configured both ways. And thanks to BFT’s unique modular decking system, this machine gives a truly variable workspace area.

Technical Information

The BFT120 also benefits from a modular decking system which is unique to BFT. This system allows the machine operator to readily extend and retract its work platform by up to 1.5m in depth, giving a variable workspace area of 1.1m to 2.6m, to cater for the form and features of old and modern properties.

  Single Mast Twin Mast
Maximum Height 120m* 120m
Total Platform Length 2.0m - 10.0m 10.0m - 32.1m
Maximim Platform Width 1.2m - 3.2m 1.2m - 3.2m
Tie (Anchor Distance) Every 6m Every 6m
Travel Speed 7.5m/Per Min 7.5m/Per Min
Lifting Capacity 1,800kg (max) - 1,100kg (min) 4,000kg (max) - 1,700kg (min)


*Based on standard Mast


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