BFT90 Mini-climber

Light Duty

A lightweight MCWP, the BFT90 Mini-climber fits where most machines can’t. Narrow walkways and tight alleyways are no barrier to a Mini-climber. And because it’s so compact, it’s easily delivered by pick-up truck or transit van.

Designed for projects up to 90m high, the BFT90 Mini-climber is ideal for low-level flat refurbishments, window replacements, fascia renovation and soffits.

Technical Information

As explained above the BFT90 Mini Climber can be used for a variety of different trades and with the ability to be installed up to 22.60m long x 90m high on a standard mast section carrying a SWL of 800kg, the machine is capable of carrying out works on the biggest of projects.

But we strongly believe that one of the areas that could benefit most from the use of the BFT90 Mini Climber will be the ‘small works’ construction industry such as low level flat refurbishments, windows replacements, fascia’s, soffits, etc.

The BFT90 Mini Climber’s speed of erection and small size mean it can be installed promptly and with minimal fuss to these types of building in particular compared to traditional scaffolding.

  Single Mast Twin Mast
Maximum Height 90m 90m
Total Platform Length 1.9m - 6.8m 6.20m - 22.60m
Maximim Platform Width 0.8m - 1.8m 0.8m - 1.8m
Tie (Anchor Distance) Every 6m Every 6m
Travel Speed 7m/Per Min 7m/Per Min
Lifting Capacity 1,000kg (max) - 400kg (min) 2,100kg (max) - 800kg (min)


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