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From Scaffolding Family Business To Mast Climber Industry Leader

BFT is a mast climber family business that began as a scaffolding company back in 1997. This helped create the name: BFT standing for Boards, Fittings and Tubes.

But this old way of working at height wasn’t enough. Client demands were changing but scaffolding wasn't. We knew it would always be slow to erect and dismantle, awkward to transport and always limit our ambition.

That’s when we spotted the enormous potential in mast climbers. The second we realised the speed and savings benefits over scaffolding, we knew this was the future. And that we were the ones to lead it.

For more than ten years, we’ve been proving the commercial benefits of Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs) to public and private sites across the UK. Five times more efficient than traditional scaffolding, we’re proud to use MCWPs to save businesses thousands of project hours each year.

​​​​​​​BFT. The Byword For Mast Climber Quality

Today our scale and capability has never been bigger. By pumping, in excess of £30 million into our business in recent years, we’ve built easily the UK’s biggest fleet of MCWPs with nationwid coverage, making us the undisputed UK leader in platform access solutions. This is complemented by our recent investment in various types of hoist platforms (goods, goods/passenger and transport).

And while scale matters, high standards mean even more. We’re proud to repeatedly set the industry bar for fleet quality, safety and training.

Needless to say, we’re not stopping here. It’s our duty as market leader to advance the industry, drive innovation and keep delivering time and cost savings to clients all over the UK. Why not be one of them?

About Us

BFT in numbers

Over £30 million

Invested since 2015

1.5 years

our average machine age, making ours the youngest fleet in the UK


National Distribution centres

In excess 1,600

Mastclimbing work platforms

Over 20

years experience

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