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BFT is proud of the work that we carry out for construction projects across the UK. With half a million pounds invested in our training facility and millions more in our equipment, we are always keen to ensure that our staff have the highest standards of training, have the tools to accomplish the job and enjoy what they do with us. As well as happy contractors, we want our own staff to feel content and fulfilled in their role within BFT.

That’s why we’ve spoken with one of our installers Wes Green on what life is like within the BFT family. We hope you enjoy what he has to say!

What is it like and how does it feel working at great heights?

Working at height isn’t for everyone – I personally find them a joy. I joined the firm in 2015 and Matt Auld (regional manager) told me on my first day: “Men that work at height often find that other men want to be us!”

What safety equipment do you have to bear in mind?

In terms of personal equipment you have to wear and equipment you operate.
Safety is absolute paramount when working at height and I personally do a kit check before I even go on site. Lanyards and harnesses are an absolute must. BFT have drilled the “safety at its highest” motto into me so much I wore a harness at home last week while mending the shed! I have complete trust in all our machines knowing that our trained and experienced engineers check them before they come out to me.

How scary/nervewracking is it when operating these pieces of machinery? Or any other emotion?

There are no emotions in the rigging game, although I sometimes get emotional when I don’t hit my high standards and daily goals I set myself.

What sort of training have you been through to operate such equipment?

I have been fortunate enough to have received a lot of training since being at the firm including IPAF installers, SSSTS (Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme) courses and telehandler to name just a few.

What is the single most important task in your day?

The single most important part of my day usually is to find a decent sandwich shop or cafe for my dinner break. I find a fed well rigger is a happy rigger.

Why do you enjoy your job?

I enjoy my job mainly because it pays well, although I get a great deal of satisfaction out of being the self proclaimed best gang in the firm with my partner Nath. It’s a pleasure to work for BFT as a rigger and long may it continue.

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BFT is an industry leading in providing mast climbing equipment for the construction industry in the UK. Examples of projects include cladding removal, maintenance and lots more.

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