BFT – How a scaffolding company transformed into providing top quality mast climbing solutions

“If you want to look at the future, look at the past.” This famous quote from Albert Einstein still rings true for people and businesses the world over.

With the coronavirus pandemic giving a real sense of perspective for many who have struggled over the past 18 months, now is as good a time as any to take a look at the history of BFT Mastclimbing, and see what lessons we can learn to help guide our future.

Boards, Fittings and Tubes

Believe it or not, BFT began life as a scaffolding company. The name itself stands for Boards, Fittings and Tubes. We started our family firm in 1997 with the aim of providing fair, quality scaffolding for our customers across the UK.
However, we soon realised that while the world of our clients was evolving, the world of scaffolding was not.

There would always be problems with erecting and dismantling scaffolding in terms of the time it took. It would always be difficult to transport. It would always provide awkward working positions that could affect our staff’s physical health. We didn’t want to stick with the status quo. We wanted a solution that would help us grow and meet the ever-changing demands of our clients.

That’s when we discovered the potential of mast climbing.

The Change To Mast Climbing

When it comes to change, there are often three options. You can fight the change, go along with the change, or instigate the change. BFT chose the latter option in 2006. The reasons for that are simple. We could see the vast potential and superior advantage that mast climbing had over scaffolding.


How Does The Future of BFT Look?

In keeping with our ethos of embracing change, we have now launched our hoists services (more information to come on this exciting new venture at a later date.)

We have also launched our new training centre and we would love potential clients to come and see what we have to offer. This £500,000 investment in our facilities is one example of the commitment we have to ensuring that we maintain and improve our already-high standards.

Through this facility, we can invite people to see the potential of mast climbing. We can then use our technology to provide a greater service when it comes to construction access of high-rise buildings.

We have also continued the investment in our fleet with the delivery of further brand new machines in October 2021 taking the total to nearly 2,000 and the removal of some machines alongside our policy of not having any machines older than 15 years on our fleet. With 1300 employees now working for BFT, we are in a stronger position than ever to grow and showcase the real benefits of mast climbing to all our customers.

Why not be part of the journey with us?

If you want to visit us, or if you have any questions, get in touch with us. Call 0808 178 9772 or email today.

It was clear that mast climbing was far quicker to build and dismantle compared to scaffolding. That the knock-on savings would provide greater value for money for our customers thanks to the thousands of hours saved on project length. That the visual effect on surroundings were much cleaner than scaffolding. And that it provided a safe alternative to delivering a high quality of service on accessing high-rise buildings across the UK.

That’s why we sold our scaffolding equipment and purchased 60 mast climbers. Since then, we have continually reinvested in our equipment. In 2010, our fleet size increased to 300 units as we further invested in MCWPs.

By 2016, BFT began a major investment programme to the tune of £30million into providing greater diversity of our fleet. With 600 units now at our disposal, we are now the largest non-manufacturer rental fleet in Europe.
For over 15 years, we have been championing the cause when it comes to Mastclimbing Work Platform (MCWP) adoption. We believe that this alternative to scaffolding holds the key to progressing and developing a construction sector that is currently stagnant. We are passionate about mast climbing and we want you to be passionate about it too.

A Quick Snapshot Timeline of The History of BFT

  • 1997 – BFT Scaffolding Ltd founded – Small traditional scaffolding access business employing 100 scaffolders at its peak. Business named after three components of scaffold tower – Boards, Fittings & Tubes
  • 2006 – Made first purchase of Mast Climbers – Scaffolding materials sold and purchase 60 brand new MCWPs
  • 2010 – Further investment in MCWP’s – Growth in business as fleet size increases to 300 units
  • 2016 – Rebranding & Major Investment in new MCWP’s – £30million investment in new MCWP’s giving diversity in the fleet
    – 600 units, largest non-manufacturer rental fleet in Europe. – New mechanical preparation workshop built
    – BFT Mastclimbing Ltd now have over 60 employees
  • 2021 – Fleet size of nearly 2,000 machines, all less than 15 years old and spread across 4 different sizes so we really are in the best position to support you with your projects

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