BFT Mastclimbing – Review of 2021

There is no doubt that 2021 will live long in the memory. It has obviously been a challenging year for many with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and shortages of fuel and lorry drivers making the news on a daily basis.

But for businesses, 2021 was certainly an improvement on 2020, where everybody was working from home and thousands of people were made redundant and furloughed.

BFT Mastclimbing continues to lead the way

BFT Mastclimbing Work Platforms are pleased to say that 2021 has been a great success in many avenues of our business. One of our crowning achievements this year has been the unveiling of our £500,000 training centre and servicing workshop. With seven engineering bays for maintenance servicing, one inspection and weight test bay, one hoist maintenance bay, and an electrical area for control unit repairs, this new training centre and workshop is proving to be a game-changer for our business.

As well as providing a one-stop shop for all our important mechanical and training services under one roof, it gives us the opportunity to really showcase the benefits of mast climbing work platforms to potential customers. By inviting contractors to our Leighton Buzzard centre, we can demonstrate why MCWPs are so much more efficient than scaffolding. The initial feedback has been amazing.



Investment in fleet

We continue to champion the cause for mast climbing over scaffolding and are happy supporting and educating contractors in their planning and pre-construction stages to maximise the benefits of MCWPs to their specific program. Further investment in our fleet to ensure that we remain industry leaders with no machines older than 15 years to provide further efficiency and reliability benefits to all projects.

When it comes to competing for tenders and as well as investing in our machines, throughout 2021, we have:

  • Installed 1201 mastclimbers
  • Worked on 139 individual projects
  • Successfully completed 71 projects
  • Worked with 57 unique clients
  • Carried out 2,500 deliveries and collections
  • Delivered 470 MCWP qualifications
  • Raised over £7,000 for Breast Cancer Care


Giving back through what we do

Charitable endeavours are really important to us at BFT, so we are delighted to have been able to support two very worthwhile charities.

After turning our BFT130s pink for Breast Cancer Care, we have entered into a partnership with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity which sees us donating £1 for every week a BFT150 has been out on site, which will go towards the charity’s Help Inside The Hard Hat campaign.

What’s next for BFT Mastclimbing?

We are excited to re-launch our hoist division for next year, which will allow us to expand into even more construction projects that will benefit from our expertise. We also look forward to continuing to develop our MCWP fleet, with over 1800 machines now at our disposal. In fact, if you pooled all our competitors together, they still wouldn’t have as many MCWPs as BFT, such is our dedication to providing the best equipment for construction projects that we can.

Looking for strategic partnerships to take procurement of your access strategy to the next level in offering unrivalled service, quality and value – please reach out to if you want to discuss this further and speak to the benefits of a partnership agreement with BFT.


Contact us for MCWP services today

If you are interested in working with BFT Mastclimbing work platforms, get in touch with us today or better yet, come to our training centre and workshop.

Call 0808 178 9772 or email today to find out more.

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