Can Mast Climbers Really Reduce The Cost of Construction Crime?

An £800million problem

Every year, around £800million worth of construction crime takes place across the UK.

Theft, vandalism and health and safety neglect are the usual reasons why this sort of crime takes place.
The problem isn’t just the crime itself or stealing construction items such as materials and tools. The time, cost and effect of such crimes also have a knock-on effect on the construction project with which those tools were required.
Days or even months can be added to a project build, costs are incurred for replacing equipment, and more insurance premiums may be required in future.

A 2016 Chartered Institute of Building research study of 1,100 construction professionals found that as much as 92% experienced some sort of theft every week, month or year. With such obvious abuse of construction workers’ equipment, surely something can be done about this problem?

Mast Climbing: What Other Issues Can Occur?

Poorly secured equipment can simply be taken away if it is not stored away properly or if the security is lax.
However, scaffolding can also act as an entry point for further crimes to be committed.

Scaffolding is fixed to the facade of a building, which provides a permanent point of access. If these are residential high-rises, and if a window happens to be left open by a tenant, then residents are also at risk of crime, as well as the construction sites themselves.

Somebody accessing such sites who doesn’t know how to operate the equipment may also cause safety concerns for workers who are entrusting their lives on the quality of their scaffolding. If anything is tampered with, it could end with a very serious crime if a construction worker is injured.

What Difference Could Mast Climbers Make?

Mastclimbers simply do not need as much equipment as scaffolding. It is a straightforward matter of masts, a platform, and a power supply, whereas scaffolding needs enough equipment to cover an entire facade.

By allowing fewer entry points to potential residents and reducing the visual access to potential homes, there is less chance of these residents being the victim of crime. There is also a bigger deterrent to would-be criminals trying to access such high-rise buildings.

Mastclimbing equipment can also be stored away at night in a much easier way.

They are safer because they can be securely parked at ground level with the power supply disabled. That means access cannot be provided for unauthorised personnel wanting to use the mastclimbers for criminal or illegal means. Greater difficulties are also presented if people want to modify mast climbing equipment, which means workers are likely to be safer.

Why use BFT?

BFT has invested over £30million in mastclimbing equipment since 2015. We are industry leaders in MCWPs and you can come to us for the most demanding construction, renovation and maintenance projects.

We use our technology and experience to safely access your building project. If you are interested in using BFT for your construction or maintenance access requirements, call or email us today and we would be happy to help.

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