Mast Climber Safety With BFT Mastclimbing

Mast Climbing Working Platforms (MCWPs) are considered one of the safest options among all access solutions available, but it's crucial to ensure that the provider you choose meets the highest safety standards.

A reliable provider will have the necessary experience and expertise to ensure that their equipment is up to standard and meets all necessary safety regulations.

With a trustworthy provider, you can be confident that their MCWPs are regularly maintained and inspected to ensure optimal performance and safety. Always ensure the Mast Climbing Work Platforms you are provided meet or exceed the required standards which are explained below.

Safety - BFT’s Priority Since Day One

BFT have over 1,650 mast climbers in our fleet, and it’s always been our mission to ensure that all BFT MCWPs are safe for use. Not only are all BFT mast climbers CE and EN1495 certified, all of our MCWPs are manufactured in Europe by reputable manufacturers, our MCWPs go above and beyond the BS EN 1495 requirements, and exceed industry standards.

Our commitment to providing safe and reliable Mast Climbing Work Platforms means that we are always striving to improve and enhance our equipment to meet the highest safety standards.


The HSE Alert on the Safety of Mast Climbers

There was recently a safety alert issued by the HSE. It has been noted in that alert that some Mast Climbing Work Platforms may not be well equipped with suitable controls against mechanical malfunctions. The mast climbers that are not up to standards could pose a safety risk to the workers.


Official MCWP Safety Requirements

  • Each drive unit must have a means to identify loss of mechanical integrity and a system to prevent falls from Overspeed
  • A mechanical device like a centrifugal brake is installed in each drive unit to automatically prevent work platforms from descending with Overspeed
  • Platforms are prevented from being powered down onto buffers or base frames and cause damage to base units
  • Overloading is prohibited to avoid damage to platforms and associated equipment
  • Thorough examinations, inspections, tests, and checks are carried out by trained professionals to ensure safety and prevent damages go unnoticed

You can access the complete Health and Safety Executive Safety Alert concerning mast climbers from here.

BFT Mast Climbing Work Platform Safety Measures

EU standard compliance

BFT only procures equipment from reputable European suppliers, all equipment is CE and EN1495 compliant certified. Furthermore, BFT has obtained independent assurance that our MCWPs are safe and fit for purpose posing the lowest possible risk to the user.

Prevent falling at overspeed with centrifugal braking system

Our MCWPs are supplied with 4 braking systems: 2x electromagnetic brakes and 2x centrifugal brakes. The electromagnetic brakes are always engaged unless the mast climber is in motion, the centrifugal brakes prevent the work platform from descending at excessive speed automatically. In the unlikely case that malfunction occurs, the MCWPs would descend in a controlled manner and only travel at the same speed as it operates at 12 metres per minute, regardless of how you pull the terminal lever.

We believe this is superior to a parachute braking system, as it does not require a reset of the braking mechanism as part of the emergency evacuation procedures upon activation.

Eliminate risks of undetected malfunction

All our Mast Climbing Work Platforms are fitted with an electronic device that constantly monitors the current drawn by the motors on that MCWP. When a malfunction is detected within 50 cm of travel, the machine will cease to work and sound an audible alarm.

The operators must return to base level and a BFT qualified Engineer is required to inspect and reset the mast climber. This is a feature unique to BFT and has been extensively tested in our dedicated workshop and by our supply chain partners. We highly recommend that if you plan to hire MCWPs, you should request a demonstration of this feature.

Robust risk assessments

All mast climbers from BFT are serviced and inspected at the end of each hire and prior to despatch to site. Our workshop professionals and their inspections are independent from our installation crews. Each MCWP is examined by one of our supervisors prior to handover to our customers. Our MCWPs are independently accessed, examined, and maintained by trained professionals routinely and independently with reference to national regulations and the manufacturer’s manual to ensure the full safety and reliability of the equipment.


While Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs) are considered a safe and reliable access method, keep in mind that not all MCWPs are built or service the same.Choose a provider that meets the highest safety standards to get the best out of mast climbers.

With the safety measures taken, BFT’s MCWPs are the safest and most reliable options available on the market, and we remain dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers and their teams. Seeing is believing, you are welcome to visit our state-of-the-art workshop and training facility. We’re proud of our impeccable safety record and are always happy to show our customers how our machinery is maintained and how our MCWPs operate safely to further develop their trust in both us but also this access solution.

We look forward to the opportunity to support your projects safely.

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