Bespoke Mastclimbing Solutions

Please see below details on bespoke items BFT are able to offer on the range of mastclimber models in our fleet:

  • Deck Extensions – Our Fixed Deck extensions, allow customers to work around corners, balconies, bespoke façade details or just increase the width of a platform should the customer require.
  • Double Stacked Machines – Machines can be Double Stacked, allowing works to be carried out on two levels on the same elevation.
  • Extended Frame Netting – The handrail frame can be increased from standard 1.1m high to 2.0m high, and enclosed via Debris
  • Netting Roof Canopy Systems – Roofs can be added to machines acting as protection from works above (slabs being cast etc.) or as weather protection
  • Monorails – Monorails can be attached to single and twin mastclimbers with a standard lift capacity of 315kg, to assist our customers with lifting heavy materials into place
  • Roll Out Decks’ – Roll out deck extensions can be pushed out once the machine is at its working level, giving the customer closer access to the façade. The machine will be locked off, whilst the deck is pushed out and will only become operational again when the platform is fully retracted. This solutions gives iptimum access to our customers ans allows gaps for 1st fix works to be closed up closer than the standard min 150mm offset acting as an addisional saftey measure.
  • Internal and End Access Gates – We are able to install gates internally so the mastclimber can be access via an internal floor slab if the external gate access if not possible. We can also offer the same solution at the end of the platform in the form of an ‘End Gate’
  • Inclined Machines – Machines can be set up to deal with buildings that incline up the elevation
  • Bespoke Platform Decks – We are able to offer bespoke deck solutions to work around different shapes, angles and tight spaces


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