BFT150 Mastclimber

Heavy Duty

Purpose-developed for the most demanding projects, the BFT150 Mastclimber is our heaviest duty MCWP. Operating at heights of up to 250m, it’s also capable of lifting up to 5,000kg on a twin-mast configuration.This MCWP is as cost-effective as it is tough.

The BFT150 Mastclimber’s vast working span (13.65m on a single mast) means there’s rarely a need for a second machine. Its larger-than-average deck area gives increased workspace. And the versatility of telescopic extensions give greater reach to recessed areas.

Techical Information

This is best suited to jobs that require very high levels of access, up to 250m, and where there is a requirement to lift heavy loads of equipment, materials and personnel (up to 5,000kg on a twin configuration). The BFT150 Mast-Climber has a larger than average deck area (1.5mx1.5m) giving increased workspace and the versatility to add up to a further 2.6m with the use of telescopic extensions to reach recessed areas.

This is a cost-effective solution that can reduce the need for a smaller twin MCWP as it has a working span of 13.65m on a single mast whilst carrying a safe working load of 1,200kg.

Single Mast
Twin Mast
Maximum Height
Total Platform Length
3.2m – 13.6m
13.8m – 37.8m
Maximum Platform Width
1.5m – 4.1m
1.5m – 4.1m


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