Mast Climbing Work Platforms: A safer alternative to scaffolding

If you're planning a facade project and contemplating the use of scaffolding, it's worth considering a mast climbing work platform instead.

There are reasons why more and more companies have been choosing mast climbers over scaffolding in projects.

Mast climbing work platforms are designed to improve safety and efficiency in construction work, offering a stable and secure working environment. With numerous advantages over traditional scaffolding, it’s clear that MWCPs make a much safer alternative to traditional scaffolding for high-rise projects.

Reduces Heavy Lifts & Provides A Healthier Working Environment

A major advantage of using a mast climbing work platform is the ability to adjust the height according to the task at hand. Unlike traditional scaffolding where the height is fixed, a mast climber can be easily moved up or down to achieve the ideal working height. This eliminates the need for uncomfortable bending or precarious tiptoeing while working.

The mast climbing work platform adapts to the work process – and not the other way around. The platform can run up and down freely depending on where you are in the process, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of unsafe working positions. The use of MCWPs has been linked to lower risks of musculoskeletal diseases in workers, as they offer ergonomic working conditions that minimize physical strain.

MCWPs offer a convenient solution for handling materials in high-rise construction projects. By being able to drive the platform all the way down to the ground, loading and unloading materials becomes a breeze. This also eliminates the need for heavy lifting and the risk of injury that comes with it. Compared to mast climbing work platforms, scaffolds pose a greater risk of falls due to their instability and lack of a secure workspace. In fact, 40 percent of all fall injuries at construction sites are caused by scaffolding and ladder accidents, and the reports of scaffolding accidents have gone up by more than a quarter in 2018.

Flexible Workplace

Mast climbers offer a high level of flexibility, as they can be easily adjusted in terms of width, depth, and height to suit specific work tasks. Unlike traditional scaffolding, which provides limited workspace, the mast climbing work platform offers a considerably larger work area. MCWPs come in various models, each can be customized to fit the various project types: light duty, medium duty, heavy duty, or a mixture of all three.

They can also be used on buildings with balconies or curved facades, enabling workers to carry out their tasks with ease and efficiency, regardless of the specific workplace and situation. Such adaptability ensures that work is carried out efficiently and effectively, without compromising on safety.

Better Fire Resistance

Mast climbers are a more secure and fire-resistant option than traditional scaffolding. Scaffolding uses sheeting, which the Health and Safety Executive has identified as one of the most common fuels on construction sites. Mast climbers, on the other hand, do not require sheeting, eliminating this potential fire hazard. Another inherent safety risk of scaffolding is their use of wooden boards. Although fire retardant boards and sheeting are available, they can be more expensive and may not always be used.

This creates a potential fire hazard, as wooden boards can act as fuel in case of a fire. In contrast, mast climbers are made of metal, a non-flammable material that significantly reduces the risk of fire. This is an important safety feature for construction sites, as fires can spread quickly and cause extensive damage to buildings and surrounding areas. Scaffolding covers the outside of a building in layers of equipment that could be flammable.

The taller a building is, the more scaffolding is required, which is not the case for mast climbers. The reduced use of flammable materials and the lower volume of equipment on the building facade make mast climbers a safer and more fire-resistant option than scaffolding.

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