What advantages do MCWPs have over scaffolding for residents?

Everybody in life deserves a sanctuary that they can call home. A place where you can rest, shelter, entertain, eat, drink, and sleep.

The world is a busy place. The pressures of work, relationships and more means that you need a place where you can switch off. In this most private of areas, you should be able to kick back, relax and let in the natural light that your windows allow you.

Nobody wants to live in the dark. If you live in the city, there is every chance you reside in a high-rise building. As is the nature of all things construction, there will come a time when these buildings need to be maintained or expanded for more residents to live in a building. This is exactly why we at BFT would urge any contractors to protect their tenants and residents’ rights to live peacefully when it comes to building access projects for high-rise buildings.

How can access be gained to a high-rise building?

With around 80% of the building access market dominated by scaffolding, it is clear to see why most building owners opt for scaffolding when it comes to critical maintenance work to their properties. Unfortunately, contractors tend to opt for what they know, rather than looking for viable alternatives that would much better serve residents.

But MCWPs do have advantages over scaffolding for such projects. With scaffolding, the whole building is wrapped in wooden, flammable boards and Monarflex. This makes your building an eyesore both externally and internally. It means your residents will not be able to enjoy any natural light, which can have a very detrimental effect on mental health. As well as natural light and fire risks, scaffolding can effectively act as a climbing frame for would-be thieves, given that boards are placed at every level of a building. This provides a potential security risk for tenants if thieves are given easier access to their property and adjoining properties.

Ask yourself this – if you lived in a high-rise building, would you want to be surrounded by flammable materials that block natural light into your home and provide a possible entry point for thieves? This is a possibility with scaffolding. It is not a possibility with mast climbing.

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