What new mast climbing machines have arrived at BFT Mastclimbing?

BFT Mastclimbing has recently taken delivery of a further 28 brand new BFT120 Mastclimbing machines.

New mast climbing machines

These new machines are all part of our efforts to continue to renew our fleet and keep to our targets of not having any machines in our fleet older than 15 years old. Whilst this is indeed a challenging objective, it has always been really important to us to ensure that we put safety at the very forefront of all decisions that we make. As market leaders, we are always striving to maintain and improve standards in every aspect of our operations.

The BFT120 machine is one of the most important machines in our fleet. It specifically can reach heights of 130m with a total platform length of 30m when in a twin mast configuration. The standard platform is 1.1m wide with a max SWL capacity of 3,700kg, making it very versatile and suitable for many different construction projects. With approximately 600 of this machine type currently on our fleet, this makes up around one third of our fleet.

High MCWP safety standards

The new machines, like the rest of our 1,800 fleet, are all sourced from our existing European manufacturers that we have held long-standing relationships with. They come with our own branded decals to help customers distinguish between the models easier. BFT has also ensured the machines have CE certification and will all have full service records available throughout their life at BFT. It is important to note that these high quality machines meet all UK construction safety standards and we would actively encourage contractors to book a visit to our H&S and maintenance facilities to see for themselves how this will benefit their projects.

By keeping the machines maintained via rigorous safety checks both on site and back in our new maintenance facilities, we are proud of our safety record and look forward to having more brand new machines out on sites in 2022.

The MCWP range

Our range starts at the lightweight BFT90 machine. This is ideal for small jobs in those tight places where access is really a challenge or on roofs where loadings are even more imperative. BFT’s range goes up to our BFT150, which is the heavyweight machine with a large 1500, wide platform and is capable of taking safe working loads of up to 5 tonnes, making it increasingly popular with bricklayers. The BFT130 machine is one of the most popular due to the increased flexibility it offers around tie points.

By design it can go between 9m and 12m tie points which often solves logistical challenges on site. It can carry similar safe working loads to the BFT150 but is more manoeuvrable on site.

Contact us today

If you are interested in working with BFT or if you want to come and visit our facilities, get in touch with us today. You can email call 0808 178 9772 or email BFTsales@bftmastclimbing.com

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