When Should You Use A Mast Climber?

Did you know - it is estimated that 85% of construction jobs would be suitable for a mast climber?

In that single sentence alone, the initial question has been answered.

Mast Climbers For Working At Height

Whether you’re looking at building access for repair work, general maintenance or recladding, a mast climber allows you to get up and down a building with minimal disruption.It goes beyond providing functionality though.

A mast climber or MCWP is the ideal option for those projects that are time and budget sensitive, helping reduce material handling and general running projects more efficiently than scaffolding can.With that in mind, when is the right time to use a mast climber and what benefits can they bring?

We know what a mast climber is but understanding the benefits and when the right time to use them requires us to delve a little deeper.A mast climber can be seen as an alternative to scaffolding, but in reality, they both have their merits, and an ideal project would find a way to utilise both means of building access. It isn’t until you start getting into the territory of 3,4,5 storey buildings and above that mast climbing work platforms really start to make sense.One of the most obvious advantages a mast climber has over scaffolding is the time spent on set-up and delivery.

Typically, on a 40m high building, it would take around 14 days to erect and a further 14 to dismantle scaffolding.Compare this with using a mast climber which would take around 2 days to set up and takedown, you’ll be shaving off weeks if not months from your program time.What’s more, the higher your building, the more attractive an option MCWPs become.

At 6 floors, a mast climber could save you around 13% in costs, jumping up to 61% savings at 12 floors, 73% at 18 floors and 80% at anything over 25 floors. This comes down to the modular design of a mast climber and how easily it is to extend them.Compare that with how difficult it would be to extend scaffolding an additional floor or two at 50 metres high or how most projects need to regularly be adapted for individual trades and instantly, you can see when the right time to opt for a mast climber is.

What Jobs Can A Mast Climber Be Used For?

A mast climber can potentially be used on 85% of construction projects. We’ll be exploring these in more detail, but the work includes but isn’t limited to.

  • Building development & construction
  • Repair and general maintenance
  • Window replacements
  • Guttering repairs
  • Recladding and combustible cladding removal
  • Rendering and external façade repair.

Security Conscious? Use A Mast Climber

It’s not just about ease of assembly or finding the right job either. Mast climbers can quite easily become a valuable asset to your entire construction project. Scaffolding can very easily become something of an access point for trespassers. Using it to not only gain access to buildings but to the tools and material on site too.Unlike scaffolding, a mast climber is a single platform. At the end of the working day, the work platform will be driven to the ground and disabled so there are no means for criminals to easily access buildings.Beyond this, a pendant option is also available.

This controls the platform from a remote control-like device and means the platform can be driven to the ground at the end of the day and then driven back up, leaving the platform above ground and away from harm.All of this helps increase security on the construction site and prevents any unwanted access.

So, When Is The Right Time To Use A Mast Climber?

The obvious answer is always. But in reality, a combination of scaffolding for the likes of public protection and a mast climber for vertical access is ideal.To answer the question proposed at the top of the page, it’s important to look at what we’ve touched on in this blog.

If you’re working on high rise buildings, a mast climber is an obvious choice, as the higher you build, the greater your costs savings will be, regardless of the work that you have planned.

It might seem there are no limits to mast climber capabilities but try us. If you have questions or would like to find out more, then speak to our expert team and start saving money on your next project.

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