Why mast climbing needs a fairer fight when it comes to winning traditional scaffolding tenders

How do you run a tender when you are not asking for the best solution?

Asking for scaffolding on high-rise buildings without providing an option for mast climbing is just that.

Mast climbing - a cheaper and safer alternative to scaffolding

Mast climbing provides a cheaper and safer alternative to scaffolding, and this comes to the fore even more when a building is over five storeys tall.

For any high-rise tower works, especially cladding remediation, MCWPs would bring massive benefits to residents in terms of them not having unsightly scaffolding outside their homes for weeks on end. With building and dismantling times at just four days as opposed to 30 days, it is clear that mast climbing can provide huge benefits to government tenders that always typically seek for scaffolding enquiries only.

What is the nature of the problem?

The problem is that scaffolding takes up over 80% of the market when it comes to building access. BFT Mastclimbing offers a viable alternative to scaffolding but there is no portal platform that asks for mast climbers. Part of this is because mast climbing is shoehorned into the scaffolding banner. When terminology is this habitually ingrained, it is difficult to get an industry to change its ways when the correct language isn’t being used.

Rather than look simply for scaffolding, councils and public organisations need to ask their main contractors what their access strategy is. They also need to look at the physical site and ask themselves – what is the best solution? At the moment, organisations tend to look at scaffolding and work backwards from there. Now is the time for this to change.

Mast climbing offers an opportunity for customers and the industry as a whole to provide much better value for money across the board. On a recent project that took place in London, at least 40% of their costs would have been saved if they had adopted mast climbers as opposed to scaffolding.

It is time to stop doing what they know and look for viable alternatives in the marketplace.

Call BFT Mastclimbing to learn more

BFT Mastclimbing is in the position where we can help councils and organisations to learn what to look for, how to procure safely with mast climbing and ensure the highest standards of safety are met, while saving time on needless costs for erecting and dismantling scaffolding. Technology is always moving apace, yet the construction industry seems to want to stick with traditional scaffolding. Now is the time to veer away from this, and one way that process can begin is if mast climbing is given a fair opportunity to apply for tenders for high-rise building access work.

BFT Mastclimbing is proud to provide quality mast climbing services for customers up and down the UK.
With around 1,650 machines at our disposal, our MCWPs will save your project time and money.

We have recently invested £500,000 in our training facilities and regularly inspect our machinery to ensure that the highest standards of quality are met.

If you are interested in learning more about mast climbers and the benefits they will provide, call 0808 178 9772 or email BFTsales@bftmastclimbing.com

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