Why the Mastclimbing square peg creates more value in the scaffolding round hole

When forming any initial ideas, it’s always easy to go along with what you know, even if that decision turns out to be the wrong one or it costs more money in the long term. Perhaps you’re deciding on where to go for a meal out or you are tackling the latest software update for a project you are undertaking at work. You’re likely to go for the options you have the most knowledge of, or those which seem more convenient.

The problem with this approach is that you often don’t know what you’re missing out on!

The round peg in the round hole

In the construction industry, the go-to seems to be scaffolding. It seems to be the round peg in the round hole for everybody in the industry.

Mast climbing has untold benefits for accessing high-rise buildings, yet government and council procurement teams only tend to have ‘scaffolding’ tenders on high rise blocks.
When that terminology is habitually ingrained in the collective psyche of the government and similar organisations for tenders, it makes it difficult for mast climbers to even be given a look-in.

How do you run a tender when you are not asking for the best solution? Asking for scaffolding for high-rise buildings is just that.

Engaging with more frameworks

The industry needs to look at engaging with frameworks of all sizes to give the industry and clients better value. It is time to stop just doing what they know and really look out there into the marketplace. BFT Mastclimbing can help show them what to look for and how to procure safely and ensure the highest standards are maintained.

When people are looking for access solutions for high rise buildings, too often they are only looking at scaffolding because this is what they know. This will ultimately hold back the construction industry as it looks to evolve and grow.

We are told not to force a round peg into a square hole, but maybe sometimes we need to re-think what the parameters are and find a better solution to fulfil our needs.

Th ‘square peg’ – Mastclimbers

We are told not to force a round peg into a square hole, but maybe sometimes we need to re-think what the parameters are and find a better solution to fulfil our needs.

Here are four ways that the ‘square peg’ – Mastclimbers – would actually bring more value than the ‘round peg’ – Scaffolding – when providing access to a high-rise building:

  • Reduced program time – With reductions of up to 20 weeks or more purely on install and dismantle costs, contractors should consider their weekly site prelims when looking at all the associated costs and subsequent reductions MCWPs can deliver. If we can allow you to get off site 2 months earlier – how much could you save?
  • Reduced costs – Up to 60% savings on a direct comparison between scaffolding and Mastclimbing on a 14 storey building
  • Reduced pressure on site logistics – With fewer components, Mastclimbers require fewer deliveries to site, less people to install and a reduced chance of theft with no materials left lying around to attract thieves.
  • Reduced injuries and handling of materials – With just a 2 man gang required to install, risk of injuries is significantly reduced. Together with the fact that the MCWP enables every trade to work at the optimum height, this really goes to reduce injuries on site and help increase productivity for the project.


Now is the time for you to break from the norm and explore mast climbing as your method of accessing high-rise buildings for a multitude of different types of project. Get in touch with us today.

You can call 0808 178 9772 or email BFTSales@bftmastclimbing.com

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