How Can A Mast Climber Can Save You Money?

When you’re responsible for sourcing all of the components of a construction project, finding ways to shave pounds off of the total spend becomes a fine art.

There are two factors that are critical in all construction projects whether you’re using a mast climber or not: Saving time and money. When you’re responsible for sourcing all of the components of a construction project, finding ways to shave pounds off of the total spend becomes a fine art.

What are the best building products to choose from? How can you plan the timetable to ensure no bottlenecks? These questions and many more are asked at the start of every project. Finding a vertical access option that can answer them might be a small cog in the much larger project machine, but it’s just as important as any other decision you make. But with that in mind, because we’ve established what a mast climber is and how it can help your project run more efficiently, it’s also important to highlight how a mast climber can actually save you money.


A Mast Climber Reduces Labour Costs

Labour equates to between 20-40% of the overall project cost.It’s a staggering statistic and one that should instantly inspire your thinking process. If you can find a way to minimise that 20-40%, you’re already going to be ahead of your previous construction projects. When it comes to vertical access, opting to choose a mast climber for your project over more traditional methods is a great way to see those labour costs reduced.

Think about the time and effort required to erect and dismantle scaffolding for a moment. Because of the sheer volume of individual components, it’s an incredibly time-consuming assembly process, particularly the higher you build. A mast climber on the other hand is far more efficient, allowing to get underway much quicker. For a start, it’s modular and arrives without needing to be assembled from scratch. With this approach, it not only means that fewer operatives are required to reach the desired height, but it takes less time too.

You’re looking at around 2 days to set up and a further 2 to dismantle on what would potentially be 14-days for scaffolding. Can you afford to let that time pass by? Less time to erect means your project can start quicker and starting quicker means you can reach completion more quickly too. Everything that helps you meet those financial targets.

Cutting Project Time & Raising Efficiency With A Mast Climber

All roads lead to Rome and all the time that can be saved leads to greater on-project productivity.But being able to reduce labour costs and get the project started quicker isn’t the only way to get your construction project running more efficiently. The mast climber itself allows for a far more efficient workload.

Don’t take our word only. A recent survey of masonry contractors in the States also agreed, with 70% citing increased productivity as the greatest benefit of the equipment.But what are the reasons? The design itself is the main one. As a single platform that ascends up the façade of a building, a mast climber allows trades to work at the optimum height. No more working bent over or on step ladders and tiptoes.

Because scaffolding platforms are fixed, it also means that trades have to do a lot of climbing up and down ladders, navigating constrained spaces. This can take its toll physically as well as slowing down the project. These road bumps are entirely removed with a mast climber, helping tasks get completed much quicker. On top of this, trades are more likely to ‘hide’ behind the scaffolding. As they’re not visible from the ground floor, progress is usually much slower. A mast climber means it’s easy to keep an eye on the work being completed no matter how high up the building’s façade the trades are. Workers are more likely to get things done more efficiently if they know they are being watched, that’s something that goes beyond construction and into the world of social psychology.

A Mast Climber Works For Every Trade

Adaptation can be a huge burden on the cost of your project, especially when you’re using scaffolding. What works for the bricklayers might not be for the glazers, the electricians, or the painters. More often than not, scaffolding needs to be adapted. With a mast climber, the single platform means this isn’t necessary and what works for one trade works for all of them.

Assuming you’ve discussed the requirements with your vertical access partner, the mast climbing platform that will be advised will be able to cater for all purposes with no disruption; financially or otherwise.

MCWPs: Saving You Money

If you’re trying to balance the books and see your construction project, come in on time and on budget, using a mast climber becomes an obvious option. Many are put off simply because it’s ‘new’ and ‘not we normally do,’ but when you start to see the benefits, you should be asking ‘why not?’ as opposed to ‘why?.’ Saving money is key on projects and a mast climber might just be the catalyst to start a whole era of more efficient construction projects.

Just remember, selecting a mast climber isn’t a binary choice between that and scaffolding, the best option is very often both. If you want to learn more or understand what your options are, speak to mast climbing and vertical access experts without delay.

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