Mast Climber Cost Saving Calculator: Try It Now

Using data from BFT Mastclimbing, there is a calculator that lets you see your potential savings using a mast climber, whatever the height and width of your project.

Have you ever considered the differences between a mast climber and other, more traditional forms of vertical access? Aside from the obvious, it’s also evident that mast climbing work platforms can help construction projects save both overall spend and the number of days spent on site. This can be hugely beneficial, especially if you’re in a role that is orientated around meeting and exceeding commercial targets.

Using data from BFT Mastclimbing, there is a calculator that lets you see your potential savings, whatever the height and width of your project.

Mast Climber Cost Savings

All it takes is 10 seconds. Just enter the width and height of your building and you’ll be given an instant estimation of the amount of money you could say as well as the number of days reduced.

This is due to both the quick installation and dismantling advantages mast climbers have, as well as the increases in productivity. This simple tool helps you paint a clearer picture of the importance of selecting the right form of vertical access for your next project; more than just a single platform and alternative to scaffolding, a mast climber is a proven method to slash the cost.

Try The Mast Climber Calculator

Don’t believe it? Then try it for yourself.

Visit our homepage and try the mast climber cost calculator out. Just enter the width of your construction project, and the number of floors required, and you’ll immediately get a savings estimate.What have you got to lose?

About BFT Mastclimbing

Beginning its life as a scaffolding provider, BFT (or boards fittings and tubes) soon realised that its clients’ demands were changing, unfortunately, scaffolding wasn’t.What was needed was a solution that was quicker to erect and dismantle and could speed up the construction process.

The future was mast climbers for vertical access.With the largest and newest fleet in the UK, maintained to the highest standards, BFT Mastclimbing continues to be an industry leader, helping businesses save money and hours each and every year.Speak to our team today to create a bespoke vertical access platform.

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