MCWP Insights: What Are Construction Companies Saying About Mast Climbers?

In recent years, many high and mid-rise buildings in the UK have been affected by the cladding remediation crisis. While the safety of the building and its residents is the primary goal of recladding, trading the residents’ mental well-being for it should not be an option.

Yet this is what happens when residents have their buildings wrapped in scaffolding and protective material, causing darkness, noise, and insecurity for years on end.

It is essential not to overlook the impact recladding has on the daily lives of those living within the building. Rob Munns, head of sales and business development at specialist BFT Mastclimbing explained why:

“When we interviewed Natalie Carter, a resident campaigning against the use of Monaflex on occupied buildings we understood first-hand the very real human impact that decisions in the construction industry have on everyday lives.”

We are glad that more companies are now aware of the alternative solution available to the ongoing cladding remediation crisis – Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs).

Reasons Companies Are Choosing MCWPs

It’s heartening to see Intelligent FS, a facade company, speaking up on behalf of the residents, and emphasizing the need to consider their well-being during the cladding remediation process.

They have given an unbiased and thorough explanation for why mast climbers should be considered – both for the best interest of both the residents and the tradespeople using them. You can read their full article here: Residential Access Solutions

Some of the benefits they point out is that the use of MCWPs can significantly reduce the disruption caused to residents during the construction process. It reduces the visual impact and frees up communal areas and on-street parking. With a privacy film and great communication throughout the entire process, it maintains residents’ privacy and keeps the disturbance to a minimum during the recladding work.

The article highlighted how construction companies should never forget to take the residents living in the building into account. Knowing that they’re now living in a home surrounded by fire accelerants is tormenting enough, there’s no need to put them into unnecessary hardship by making the cladding remediation an unpleasing experience.

By using mast climbing work platforms, companies have been able to prioritize the health and safety of both the residents and workers during the ongoing cladding remediation crisis. MCWPs offer a more efficient and safer alternative to traditional scaffolding, and ensure that construction projects are carried out in a responsible and safe manner.

Benefits of Using Mast Climbing Work Platforms

  • Quick and efficient installation and operation
  • Take up minimal space on the ground
  • Mitigate disruption to residents during the construction process
  • Cost-effective compared to scaffolding
  • Offer workers unrestricted access to the building facade, making it easier to reach all areas of the building
  • Equipped with safety features such as fall arrest systems and automatic brakes, providing a safer working environment for workers.


The benefits of MCWPs have been demonstrated by companies like Intelligent FS, and it’s crucial that more construction companies consider using mast climbers in their projects. By doing so, we can ensure that the quality of the living environment for the residents remains undisturbed during the remediation process, and create safer and more efficient construction sites.

Common Misconceptions About Mast Climbers

In their article, they have brought up one of the biggest challenges mast climbers are facing: the perception that mast climbing work platforms are not be suitable for many of the more complex building designs.

There are indeed times when mast climbers are not the optimal solution, but the versatile and customisable nature of MCWPs make them a great option suitable for a wide range of building types despite the common misconceptions among some contractors in the industry. With features like bespoke decks and drop-down steps, mast climbers can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a building. Additionally, mast climbers can be configured to accommodate different load capacities and heights, making them a versatile option for a wide variety of projects.


Intelligent FS’s article highlights a crucial message that the entire construction industry needs to take to heart – the health, safety, and well-being of all parties involved in a construction project should always be the top priority.

Whether it’s the residents living within the building, the workers tasked with carrying out the work, their safety and well-being should be at the priority. BFT is committed to continuously raising awareness within the industry about Mast Climbing Work Platforms as a viable alternative to scaffolding. As Rob Munns said:

“Anything we can do that improves resident well-being and their mental health is a fantastic positive contribution to being part of the solution for this cladding crisis – especially if we are also then directly helping save taxpayers money in the process!”

Our goal is to encourage more people to consider this option for their construction projects, and to make the benefits of mast climbers more widely known and accessible.

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