What Do Mast Climbers & Light Bulbs Have In Common?

Throughout history, there have always been new ways of doing things that have been ridiculed from their conception. Something the Mast Climber and lightbulb share.

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘we’ve done it this way for so long, why change it?’ You might have even uttered it once or twice yourself while you were sourcing products for an upcoming project. Some new ‘must have’ piece of technology is put on your desk; you study it for upward of two seconds and quickly decide to stick with what you know. Does this sound familiar?

Whether it’s building materials or vertical access, some new sustainable mortar or a mast climber, it’s probably easier for you to stick to the option you know because it’s worked time after time. With targets to hit and deadlines to stick to, you probably think it’s not worth the risk. But what if there was another way of looking at it? What if instead of seeing these new technologies as a burden on you and your construction project, you see them as a potential opportunity to better your business?

Take a mast climber, for instance, there are two camps. Those that see the advantages they bring; cutting costs and project times on their construction projects, and those that would instead stick to the vertical access they know, purely out of convenience. Which option is going to offer opportunities for your business to grow?

Mast Climbers – New Technology, Old Attitudes

Just because something is new or different to the norm, doesn’t mean it should be refused or ignored. Throughout history, there have always been new technologies and ways of doing things that have been ridiculed from their conception. Take the humble lightbulb for instance. When word got out that Thomas Edison was developing the first-ever practical electric lightbulb, it didn’t necessarily go down too well. British Parliament noted that it was “unworthy of attention and something of a fairy tale.” Ironic words for something that is now a standard in almost every interior across the globe… Now we’re by no means comparing a mast climber to the lightbulb or saying that every construction project should use one, but those ‘anti-lightbulb’ attitudes do sound familiar to those who won’t consider mast climbers.

A vertical access option that saves money and makes the project run on time might sound like a pipe dream to those of a certain mindset, but without trying it for yourself, you’d never know. If the old attitudes of the 1800s had been stuck too, we’d still be reading newspapers by candlelight! It’s the same with scaffolding. This vertical access is arguably thousands of years old, so surely, it’s time to change the ‘we’ve always used it’ mindset and consider alternative options.

Mast Climbers: No Different to Planes, Coffee, or Vaccines

The argument of comparing a light bulb may be a little one-sided. There’s no denying the importance of a lightbulb and how that’s revolutionised the world we live in, but it’s a million miles from a mast climber. While a mast climber might not change the world of your relatives or your neighbours, it can certainly change how quickly you can complete your construction project.

Like other innovations across the world, they don’t shape the entire world, but they can shape industries. When the Wright Brothers made headlines in 1903, many military professionals suggested it had no military value. Now look at the airborne arsenal available because of the dedication of those plane pioneers… Coffee was the same, and so were vaccines. In fact, vaccines arguably bear the closest similarity to mast climbers. Some people use them, some are sceptical but willing to do it, and then some point-blank refuse.

The divide between the three groups is similar to those in the vertical access sector. Only through education, understanding and greater communication will the tide begin to turn on mast climber ideology.

Mast Climbers For Vertical Access

For all of the innovations, those early adopters are the ones that have seen rapid growth, gaining the benefits before the wider world does. It can be the same for your business, too.

Mast climbers are proven to accelerate the speed at which construction projects can get completed, so why wouldn’t you take a chance and experience it for yourself? It is the ‘lightbulb’ moment that helps your business growth accelerate.

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