The Advantages of Mast Climber as an alternative to scaffolding

In the ever-evolving construction industry, Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs) have emerged as a game-changing alternative to scaffolding methods for construction companies worldwide, transforming vertical access, safety, and efficiency on construction sites.

This guide will explore the myriad advantages that MCWPs offer, and provide you insights into the growing preference for these platforms, their impact on construction safety, the benefits they bring to high-rise projects, and their advantages over other alternatives like system scaffolding and MEWPs.

Explore the following chapters:


  1. The Future of Mast Climbers In Construction
  2. Growing Popularity of MCWPs As a Scaffolding Alternative
  3. A Safer Vertical Access Option
  4. Considerations When Using Mast Climbers
  5. MCWP vs MEWP
  6. MCWPs vs. System Scaffolding
  7. Is System Scaffolding Slowing Down Your Construction Project?
  8. Key Benefits of Mast Climbers for High-Rise Construction


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The Future of Construction Access

Mast climbers have transformed the construction industry by introducing a safe and efficient method for transporting workers and materials. These platforms are characterised by their quick assembly and disassembly, as they need only a small number of ties for attachment.

With various types available, mast climbers exhibit remarkable versatility and adaptability to meet different project requirements by offering diverse climbing heights, widths, and load capacities.

Companies are choosing master climbers over scaffolding for the following six main reasons:

  1. Safer And Healthier Working Conditions
  2. Cost-Effectiveness And Sustainability
  3. Increased Efficiency and Productivity in Projects
  4. Versatility And Adaptability
  5. Improving Security and Protection of Construction Sites
  6. Better For the Environment and Aesthetics


The MCWPs market is projected to grow due to the rising demand for safer and more efficient access solutions. MCWPs provide a safer alternative to scaffolding, reducing the risk of falls and injuries while streamlining projects and increasing productivity. They also contribute to social responsibility by minimising environmental impact and disruption.

Common concerns about MCWPs, such as maintenance and setup complexity, can be addressed by partnering with reliable providers, proper training, and thorough planning.

Growing Popularity of MCWPs As a Scaffolding Alternative

Driven by their commitment to ensuring safer working conditions on-site and achieving greater project efficiency, an increasing number of companies are opting for mast climbers as a superior alternative to scaffolding. Mast climbers have quickly become the preferred choice for construction and maintenance projects. The adoption of mast climbers has resulted in notable advantages which have been observed by many companies.


With the ability to distribute loads anywhere on the platform, mast climbers eliminate heavy lifting and bending, resulting in a lower chance of workers’ compensation claims and lower insurance costs. They’re easier to anchor into the building’s structure than scaffolding, which minimises the risk of accidents caused by falling debris or equipment, as well as falls from elevated scaffolds and injuries associated with moving planks. The ergonomic design allows workers to operate at the ideal height without having to bend and strain their bodies in uncomfortable positions, reducing the risk of long-term musculoskeletal disorders.


While scaffolding can take weeks to erect, MCWPs can be set up within hours, allowing for a quicker project start and completion. With mast climbers, a 12 to 14-story building that typically takes 30 days to scaffold can be assembled and disassembled in just 4 days, providing an extra 26 days for increased productivity. MCWPs are also easily adjustable, allowing for quick repositioning and access to different areas.

A survey of masonry contractors using mast climbers showed increased productivity as the most significant advantage (70%) and time savings (over 60%).


Quick setup and dismantling of the mast climbers can reduce labour costs, while also increasing productivity and shortening project timelines, which translate to dramatic cost savings. The larger and more complex your project is, the more benefits of cost-effectiveness you will leverage from using mast climbing work platforms. The return on investment comes in fast and high with mast climbers.


Mast Climbers are suitable for a range of construction projects, from high-rise buildings to smaller renovation projects, and even buildings with curved facades and round corners – BFT has completed a completely circular building project using mast climbers.

Different types of MCWPs can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of the project, including the height, length, and width of the platform.


Mast climbing work platforms enhance accessibility to hard-to-reach areas with minimal obstructions. They provide workers with closer access to the work area, improving visibility and task efficiency. When installing large panels, mast climbers offer clear access to façade areas.

This eliminates the cumbersome process of manoeuvring through scaffold trusses. resulting in improved work quality and faster completion times.

Social Value & Security

The benefits of mast climbers also extend to the local community. They can be quickly installed with fewer deliveries, minimising noise and disruption while reducing the carbon footprint. Unlike traditional scaffolding, mast climbers preserve residents’ access to light, views, fresh air, and natural daylight.

They also enhance security by deterring unauthorised access and lowering theft and intrusion risks.

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