King’s Court, Blenheim House Construction

Customer: Blenheim House Construction
Location: Kings Court, Woking, England
Project value: £19m (estimated)
Project value: 8 floors

The scheme at Kings Court involved the demolition of two office buildings, Kings Court and Thomson House, followed by the construction of a stunning 8-floor development comprising 28 luxurious residential apartments.

To meet the intricate requirements of the Woking-based project, a hybrid approach combining mast climbers and traditional scaffolding was implemented. Our customised solution involved a combination of mast climbers, specifically utilising BFT90s on a podium, BFT120s in twin configurations, and BFT150s as single machines.

This multi-machine approach provided the project with higher versatility and adaptability, ensuring efficient access to various areas of the buildings.

Machines used on this project:

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