Wales Farm Road, Ardmore

Customer: Ardmore
Location: Wales Farm Road
Project value: £110m (estimated)
Project value: Varies 9-31 floors

The Wales Farm Road project involved the construction of three blocks ranging from 9 to 31 floors. Scaffolding installations often take around 25 days, while MCWPs could complete the task in just 2 days with a team of two workers – so the difference would be as much as 23 days per elevation.

With three elevations in total, using scaffolding would have extended the installation time by 69 days or nearly three months. In pursuit of a shorter construction time with better efficiency, Ardmore made a strategic decision to utilize mast climbers as a superior alternative to scaffolding on the project.

By adopting MCWPs, Ardmore achieved exceptional cost savings. The program was completed in a total of 360 weeks combined across the positions, and the early completion brought them a further £86,000 of savings against the original quote, reducing expenses by over 60% compared to the cost of using scaffolding

Machines used on this project:

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